Selector Infected WIXOSS [Blu-ray+Digital]

Manufacturer: Funimation
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Vendor: Universal
Street Date : 06/25/2019
SRP : 29.9800
Synopsis What would you risk to see your deepest desire come true? Your friends? Family? What about your life as you know it? WIXOSS is the hottest new card game on the market. Ruko's big brother just gave her a starter pack, but something is off. Her player card seems to be able to communicate with her, and once she gets to school other girls start pestering her for WIXOSS battles. Ruko soon learns that the possession of her sentient card makes her a Selector, a WIXOSS player destined to battle against other Selector girls in an alternate gamescape in order to become Eternal Girls. Once an Eternal Girl, players are granted the deepest and most sacred wish their heart desires. But if they lose three battles, it's not just their wish that they loseā€¦
Actors Lindsay Seidel, Juli Erickson, Jamie Marchi
Language Japanese
Subtitles English
Genre Animation, Fantasy, Thriller
Duration 300 Minutes
Number Of Discs 2
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