The Grand Seduction / La grande séduction à l'anglaise (Bilingual)

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The tiny cod outpost of Tickle Head is set for financial savior if they can secure an oil platform service base. Their odds are slim as a town doctor is needed to land the contract and they've been looking for eight years. After the mayor skips town, resident Murray French takes it upon himself to find his village a doctor.When one candidate, Doctor Paul Lewis, lands in their lap, the town rallies to seduce him to stay beyond his one month trial. The ever creative Murray deploys varying ranges of subterfuge. He taps Paul's phone, he forces the entire village to learn how to play cricket, Paul's favorite sport, all to give himself a leg up.As the month grows, so too does Paul's fondness for the village, clueless that everything he loves is an elaborate web of lies set by Murray. With the decision for the service base looming, Murray's grand seduction faces collapse from both guilt and revelation, potentially crushing both the dreams of small village and the hope of a young doctor.
Actors Taylor Kitsch; Brendan Gleeson; Gordon Pinsent; Liane Balaban
Directors Don McKellar
Language english - Original Language; french - Original Language
Duration 113 minutes
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